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  1. Is this home service registered/licensed?

DOCTOR ON CALL 800-ASTER is a licensed and fully registered home service healthcare team that can render medical care to patients both to their homes or their hotel rooms in UAE.

  1. Are the doctors and nurses licensed for the service?

DOCTOR ON CALL 800-ASTER healthcare team has professional physicians and nurses who are registered and licensed to render any medical procedures or tests with high quality care.

  1. How long does it takes for the doctor to reach you?

DOCTOR ON CALL 800-ASTER fully- equipped healthcare team will reach your hotel/workplace/residence within 45 to 60 minutes.

  1. Will there be a consultation charge for the visit?

In every initial visit, a consultation fee will be charged to the patient. Follow- up visit charges will depend on the case and the procedures to be done to the patient.

  1. What happens, in case there’s a need laboratory investigations?

In any case that there is a need for laboratory investigations related to the condition diagnosed, DOCTOR ON CALL 800-ASTER team is fully equipped to do the necessary tests.

  1. Can the payments be made by credit cards or cash only?

Payments can be done through cash orcredit card based on your convenience.

  1. Will the medical report be issued?

A medical report can be issued on request

  1. Is this service covered by insurance?

We will provide all pertinent documents such as original invoice and medical reports for insurance claim purposes.